Monday, September 2, 2019


Why the Ishan Uday credit failed for 2017-18 Batch? What is R11 - Reason for failure? When will the amount get credited?

Ishan Uday

Ishan Uday credit failed for 2017-18 Batch

Its been almost two years and still the scholarship amount is not credited to the students (2017-18 batch).
 Today ( 02/09/2019) the PFMS showed the transaction failed and the reason given in PFMS is R11.

Why it is showing transaction failed?

According to sources, we came to know that there are some Problems in PFMS.

What is R11?

R11 is a banking term which shows the reason for failed transaction in banks.
When the reason is shown R11 it means we have to contact the bank.

R11 in State Bank of India means -
Drawer's signature illegible

Rumors -

1) The bank server is down so the amount is not credited- Wrong
   Because all the Banks server will not be down at the same time. There are different servers for different banks.

2) The amount will not be credited- Wrong
The amount will be credited some may not get but majority will get the amount.

3) 2017-18 batch procedure is very slow- Wrong
The last batches amount was also credit lately.

4) UGC fund is empty- Wrong
It's a false rumor.

When will the amount get credited?

According to sources , The amount will be credited within a week.


  1. Humko paisa milega ki nai? trasaction id fail dikha rha hai hamara..kya kru

  2. Kia huwa 2017-18 batch ? Itna kiu late kr raha ha? Paisa kob milaga fixed bolia bro?

  3. Kela vikhari hot pabi kela kihor imn lagi aso....sob tu fake certificate ddihe paido

  4. how genuine are the information that you have provided in this website?? are they from any genuine source or just some sort of "may be - may be not" kinda vibes????

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  6. How to know I n u are majority or minority...plz comment guyz

  7. ইমান কি পইচা পইচা কৈ আছা পাবা অলপ ধৰ্য কৰা

  8. Ishan uday scholarship(2017-18)batch amount failed in PFMS. When money will credit? 1 week crossed already according to this page